Natural Home Cleaning Products

- Monday, June 24, 2013

As more people become eco conscious, a great many people are looking at the potential health risks of everyday household items such as home cleaning products. Many conventional products contain a number of harmful chemicals which can damage the environment and impact on our own health.

Many conventional home cleaning products are slowly becoming more widely acknowledged as a health hazard, especially if they are not used as fully instructed. While many people purchase them to create a sterile and clean home, they are unaware that they are actually compromising the health and safety of not only themselves and their family but also visitors to their home.

Almost every home cleaning product provides a potential risk to health. An excellent example of this is air fresheners. These are readily available and used in hospitals, public buildings, bedrooms and kitchens in spray form, aerosol, plug in gel or candles. These are supposed to freshen up the surrounding air but most simple mask unpleasant odors. Worse still, almost twelve out of fourteen of the most popular brands and types of air fresheners are made with phthalates. This is a dangerous chemical which can be absorbed easily by then skin when it is emitted in the air. Research has indicated a link between phthalates and cancer development, autism and abnormalities of the reproductive system.

Research completed in 2010 studied over fifteen hundred women in the Cape Cod area of Massachusetts. Of the women participating in the study 787 were diagnosed over a seven year period with breast cancer. The research studied possible contributing factors and found that the women who had the highest level of combined cleaning product use were at a doubled risk of developing breast cancer.

However, we still want our homes to be sparkling clean and a nice place to enjoy, which is where natural home cleaning products become the ideal solution. Natural cleaning products use more natural ingredients such as lemon juice, vinegar, baking soda or hydrogen peroxide. These can provide a very effective method of ensuring your home is clean and hygienic without exposing your family to harmful odors and pollutants. Even more tricky household problems such as mold can be dealt with without resorting to corrosive and harmful chemicals. Hydrogen peroxide diluted with water can be sprayed on areas of mold, left for an hour or two and then rinsed away. This not only removes traces of the mold, but can reduce the risk of it reoccurring.

Other materials around the home can be lovingly cared for with natural products including wooden floors, brass, bronze and copper. These can be cleaned with a solution of vinegar and vegetable oil. This not only cleans the surface but can also nourish the material to ensure it looks and feels great.

If you are not sure about experimenting with natural home cleaning products, there are a variety of different commercially produced products which are more eco-friendly. These are usually marked with an Eco logo or a Green Seal to show that they are certified as green cleaning products. These companies have a full range of cleaning products which are more kind to the environment and your health. They even have products such as dish detergent which is kinder to the skin on your hands, and can make washing dishes a less painful experience for those people with skin conditions such as eczema.

While the potential dangers of conventional cleaning products are becoming more widely known, it is important for consumers to be more vigilant and research the ingredients used in your cleaning products. Being aware of which chemicals are contained in the products you use in and around your home can make you more aware of potential dangers and allow you to keep your family protected.

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