The Benefits of a Day Porter Service

Miriam Garza - Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Although a great number of businesses are looking to streamline costs and expenses, many appreciate the aesthetic appearance of their commercial property and how it can create the correct first impression for potential and existing clients. Maintaining the professional appearance of your commercial property can be a challenge and many successful businesses have realized the importance of outsourcing this task to a specialist service. This can allow them to instead spend this time actively engaging in activities which can promote business growth and sales. The same can be said for preserving the proper sanitation which can also be an issue for large or small businesses.

Fortunately both these aspects of maintenance can be covered by a day porter service. Comprehensive services can conduct the majority of aspect for building maintenance which can allow your business to look immaculate. Outsourcing to a professional service allows business owners to forget about seemingly trivial cleaning or janitorial issues which can actually compromise the first impression of your business.

These types of services can usually be customized to the individual needs of the business and property, but many include:

  • Restroom maintenance: Whether it is spilled water on the floors or replenishing supplies, a day porter can ensure that your restroom does not compromise the aesthetic appearance of your business. A great number of businesses have been let down by poorly maintained restrooms which are only cleaned once a day.

  • Window washing: Unclean windows can be one of the major compromises to the aesthetic of a buildings appearance. Although commercial window cleaners are available, they usually visit on particular or scheduled days of the month. Adverse weather can leave debris on your windows which can immediately make the building appear untidy. This can be quickly dealt with onsite.

  • Clean Up of Spills: Inevitably with the amount of traffic a commercial building sees, a spill will occur at the most inconvenient of times. This not only creates a mess but also a potential safety issue which could have clients tripping or slipping and creating potential liability issues in the event of an injury. It is far better to have someone on sight to clean up any unsightly or dangerous spills and avoid liability issues.

  • Dealing with Garbage: Whether it is an overflowing dumpster or full trash receptacles, garbage can make your business look or smell bad. A day porter service can periodically empty and reline trash receptacles or clean up dumpsters to ensure your premises look clean and tidy.

  • Graffiti Removal: Graffiti can make your premises look terrible and if left unchecked can encourage further defacing. Graffiti can also lower the tone of your business considerably. With a day porter service, any graffiti can be removed quickly before potential or existing clients even see it.

There are a great many benefits to a day porter service. A significant number of businesses have already outsourced these tasks, which would otherwise distracted members of staff and taken them from their duties. A great day porter service can promote an atmosphere of professionalism and assist your business to grow and thrive. This can involve disinfecting common areas to improve hygiene and reduce the risk of spreading coughs, colds and other diseases. They can allow your commercial premises to be sparkling clean and look fantastic. A good day porter service will provide professional and courteous staff that will provide expert care and dedicated customer service.

If you are interested in learning more about day porter services or whether they would be suitable for your commercial premises, contact Service Plus of AZ. We offer clients a comprehensive service and would be delighted to answer any questions or queries you may have. Call Us (480) 736-3958.

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