What to Look for in Phoenix Janitorial Services

- Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When you live in Phoenix, janitorial services seem to abound. There are tons of companies to choose from, so how do you know that you will end up with a quality company? Quality cleaning is about more than just sweeping the floor or vacuuming the rug. It’s about taking pride in your work and going the extra mile for your customers. Here are several things you should look for in a company that provides janitorial services:

  1. A high level of cleaning specifications – Each company has a standard for what it considers to be “Clean.” Obviously you want to find a company with the highest standards possible. This high level of cleanliness is about much more than what you can see with your eyes. It is a clean you will be able to feel the moment you have walked into a space that the company has cleaned.

  2. Oversight – Quality control is essential when you are dealing with something like janitorial services. Having high standards is only the first step, but following up to make sure that everything is perfect is the next step. What good are high standards if they don’t have anyone making sure that they live up to them? Find out what their follow up process is for making sure that everything is cleaned just the way you like it.

  3. Consistency – Obviously if the first time the company cleans your space is wonderful and the second time is less than great, there is a huge problem with consistency. Do you really want to wonder which scenario you are going to end up with on any given day? Look for a company that provides a quality experience each and every time.

  4. Specialized work experience – Some companies only specialize in residential or commercial cleaning, which doesn’t do you much good if you need the other type of cleaning. So it is far better to find a company that does both. Then it is very easy to get service for your other location if you end up needing it.

  5. Employee training – Not just anyone can clean a home or business in a way that results in that sparkling clean look and feeling. It takes very specialized training and experience in order to perfect the cleaning process. Just ask them what their employee training process looks like. If they are a company that just tosses someone into a job with little training or experience, then it probably won’t be a good idea to use that company.

  6. Experience – There is no substitute for company managers with decades of experience in the business. In fact, you can tell a lot about a company by looking at the clientele they serve. Although every company will likely have a mix of customer types, you know that the company has very high standards if they have contracts with multi-million dollar homeowners.

So those are the things you should be looking for in a janitor. These days it just doesn’t pay to have your own janitor in house. This is a task you need to contract out in order to get more for your money. As long as you keep the above list in mind, you won’t get taken for a ride when it comes to choosing the best service provider.

Service Plus of AZ is a quality provider of janitorial services in Phoenix. They offer:

So when you won’t settle for anything less than the best, give Service Plus of AZ a Call for all of your janitorial services. (480) 736-3958.

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